The Aggregator
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The Aggregator

Smaller outsourcing and product development offshoring opportunities (10-50 people) face multiple issues with limited support. Typical providers are equipped to support the larger opportunities. What is required is a service to provide the customer with extra support and manage the offshore environment on their behalf.

The Aggregator is the new service offering from Demiurgic for the small to mid-sized organizations looking for a technology partner.

Demiurgic has created an Eco-system of providers. Each of the provider is a specialist in it’s arena. Internally Demiurgic has created a team of experts who specialise in domain and delivery management.

When a customer sign’s on for this service, Demiurgic takes on the role of a consultative CIO – selecting the best delivery mechanism and providing the governance around the mechanism to ensure that the customer gets the benefits, without any of the Pitfalls, of an offshore delivery model.