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Retail is one of the most-multidimensional industries. It is a veritable helix of products, formats, geographies, suppliers and consumers. It is, therefore, imperative that the retail Industry be at the cutting-edge – operationally and technologically in this highly complex environment. Over the years, Big Box retailers have been investing heavily in technology in every part of their operations from buying to selling and, everything that goes in between.

Demiurgic brings that expertise to the retailer of every size. We understand the complexities of the shelf life, supply chain, visual merchandizing, pricing decisions, “comps”, till float and cash flows and the need to have the right information to optimize on each of these and many other parameters that define an efficient retail business. We, also, understand the people side of the retail business – how to train and create an efficient managerial and operational workforce.

Demiurgic Consultants can help retail businesses:

Using our unique consulting and delivery capability the team has supported customers run their business smarter.