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The Integrated Offshore Delivery Centre

The iODC acts as an extension of the customer’s team. Implemented under The Demiurgic model, this marks a major reduction in the typical offshoring pitfalls. This methodology has been created by Demiurgic based on setting up a large number of ODCs for many small-medium and large US and European organizations.

The key building blocks used by Demiurgic to provide a seamless delivery:

Demiurgic has created models for various types of services that can be delivered from the ODC. These models are tailored to the specific needs of a customer – Our experience confirms that every customer is unique and needs to be treated that way.

When a customer sign’s on for this service, Demiurgic starts by doing a due diligence and suggesting the best model keeping in view the specific customer scenario. The output is an agreed model with Demiurgic taking on the responsibility to set-up the iODC and defining the success criteria in partnership with the customer.

This model gives the customer the benefits, without any of the Pitfalls, of an offshore delivery model